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Staff List 2019/20

Chief Executive Officer: Mrs J Mackinney

Headteacher: Mrs J Craig

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs K Thomas (qualified SENCO)

Assistant Headteacher Assessment: Mr S Bowman

Assistant Headteacher Wellbeing and DSL: Mrs L Duffin

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion and SENCO: Mrs K Carver 

Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning: Miss R Fellows (Maternity)

Nursery Teacher:

Mrs K Fraser

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs C England

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Crockford

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Osbourne

Teaching Assistant: Miss J Russon

Teaching Assistant: Miss S Shiner

Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Skibicka

Phase Leader for EYFS:

Mrs L Amos

 Reception Teacher: Mrs A Cowdell

 Reception Teacher: Mrs L Lloyd

 Reception Teacher Miss T Pearson

Year 1 and 2 Phase Leader:

Miss D Garratt

 Year 1 Teacher: Miss A Bennett

 Year 1 Teacher: Miss D Garratt

 Year 1 Teacher: Miss J Higgins


 Year 2 Teacher: Mrs S Birch

 Year 2 Teacher: Miss A Yasin

 Year 2 Teacher: Miss E Haden

Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader:

 Year 3 Teacher: Mr K Klair

 Year 3 Teacher: Mrs C Peace

 Year 3 Teacher: Mrs G Hyde


 Year 4 Teacher: Mrs L Duffin / Mrs K Carver

 Year 4 Teacher: Miss K Stanley

 Year 4 Teacher: Mr M Stevenson / Mrs K Jones

Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader:

Ms H Davenport

PPA Teachers:

Mrs J Hyde

Mr M Stevenson

Miss M Khalid

 Year 5 Teacher: Mr R Adams

 Year 5 Teacher: Mrs A Moradi

 Year 5 Teacher: Miss S Benbow


Year 6 Teacher: Mrs G Blunt (Maths Lead)

 Year 6 Teacher: Ms H Davenport

 Year 6 Teacher: Miss A Pearson (Interim English Lead)

 Year 6 Teacher: Mrs H Owens


Teaching Assistants

Miss J Holloway

Mrs J Bunn

Mr C Atkins 

Mrs N Davies            

Mrs J Fellows

Mrs W Fildes             

Miss K Garratt 

Mrs M Hayward        

Miss J Heath

Mrs B Hinks          

Miss E Thomas          

Miss L Sharpe

Mrs H Johal             

Miss G Moore    

Mrs K Roberts

Miss S Powell    

Mrs A Sproston 

Mr A Obsourne          

Miss S Taylor

Mrs S Tasker    

Mrs L Wootton

Admin and Site Staff

Office Manager: Mrs G Doveston

Finance Admin Officer: Miss L Cox

Main School Receptionist: Mrs S Davies

Admin Assistant:

Attendance Officer: Miss L Pitt

Extended Schools Manager: Mrs J Godbehere

Site Manager: Mr N Scriven

Site Manager Mr A Parkes

Support Staff

Sports Leader: Mr J Bickley

IT Technician: Mr C Naylor

Afterschool Club Manager:

Breakfast and Afterschool Club     Deputy  Manager:

Miss J Williams

Cleaning Supervisor and Lunchtime Supervisory: Vacancy

Lunchtime Supervisory and Breakfast Club Assistant:
Miss J Mincher

Lunchtime Supervisory:
Mrs M Ashman

Lunchtime Supervisory:
Miss D Baker

Lunchtime Supervisory:
Mrs J Howes

Lunchtime Supervisory:
Mrs C Probert

Lunchtime Supervisory:
Ms K Orgill

Lunchtime Supervisory and Cleaner: Mrs J Thompson

Lunchtime Supervisory and Cleaner: Mrs S Yardley

Lunchtime Supervisory and Cleaner: Mrs K Humphries

Lunchtime Supervisory and Cleaner: Mrs U Love

Cleaner: Mrs A Byatt

Cleaner: Mrs J Postin

Cleaner: Mrs J Pratt