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History permeates society on every level: by investigating the past, we are able to challenge the future from an informed perspective in the present. At Priory Primary School, children are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of Britain and the wider world through the lens of how both once operated, inviting them to develop a lifelong curiosity for the past. Through studying a diverse and ambitious set of topics, be it the nature of ancient civilisations or the features of more recent societies, our children will be able to gain insight into historical figures and pivotal events with far-reaching consequences. Simultaneously, they will also build a coherent and ever-increasing chronological narrative to underpin how British and world history was, and continues to be, shaped by a need for change, the establishment and consolidation of power, the role of law and democracy, and a sense of equality that ensures the lessons of yesterday collectively inform the responses and actions they choose to take moving forward. It is our belief that within each child is an innate ability to individually and collectively engage with the world around them, helping them to discover and develop their own identities through historical enquiry. By comparing and contrasting source material, thinking critically and engaging in measured questioning and debate, the curriculum aims to provoke and provide opportunities for our children to construct a well-informed world view that will hold them in good stead as they progress through life.

Curriculum Map


History Overview


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Schools: Then and Now


Pre-historic Britain

The Roman Empire

Anglo-Saxons &Scots

Victorian Dudley


Toys: Then and Now

The Great Fire

Ancient Egypt

Roman Britain

Vikings in Britain

The Battle of Britain


Transport:Then and Now

African Adventure


Ancient Greece


The Mayans


The Tudors

Achievements and Legacies



Progression in History