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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) consists of 7 areas of learning, divided into 3 ‘prime areas’ and 4 ‘specific areas’.

The prime areas are:

  • communication and Language
  • physical Development
  • personal, Social and Emotional development.

The specific areas are:

  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the World
  • expressive Arts and Design

Within our Time for Two’s provision, we place a strong focus on the three prime areas of development which are all delivered through a play-based curriculum. We believe books and nursery rhymes lie at the very heart of a love of reading, and children have access to daily story-time and nursery rhyme time.

For children in nursery, there remains a focus on the three prime areas, however the specific areas also become a focus.  Children have dedicated sessions with an adult to help them develop key learning. 

Our reception classes offer a balance of a play-based approach to learning, along with structured lessons such as phonics and maths. We believe that strong relationships with parents are forged in the early years, and therefore we work closely together to support your child’s learning whilst they are here with us.

For more information on what your child can expect from the EYFS, please follow this link: -

The educational programmes from the Early Years statutory framework sit at the heart of our curriculum.  In the design of our curriculum, we also considered the following factors:

  • Our curriculum intent:

To foster:

      • successful learners
      • responsible citizens
      • confident and resilient individuals
  • Our children’s starting points
  • The key knowledge (cultural capital) and skills we want the children to develop when they join us along their EYFS journey.
  • Their ‘readiness’ for the next stage of their education

Along with the above factors, we place a high importance on the development of early language in the Early Years as we know this underpins every area of development. Our curriculum implementation overview and knowledge organisers can be accessed below. 

For further information on half-termly learning requirements, please access our knowledge organisers.

EYFS Curriculum Implementation