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Cyber Choices - Children

Cyber crime is a serious criminal offence.

Anyone (including young people) who commits cyber crime could face:

  • A visit and warning from police or NCA officers
  • Computers being seized and being prevented from accessing the internet
  • Being arrested
  • A penalty or fine
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Seriously affected education and future career prospects
  • Restrictions on overseas travel
  • Up to life in prison for the most serious offences

So, if you want to increase your knowledge of cyber laws within the UK, make sure you're fully aware of the Computer Misuse Act below.

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Award-winning interactive online security resources for 7-11 year olds.

Young people are growing up in an increasingly digital world, exposing them to both the opportunities and risks of the internet. CyberSprinters empowers them to make smart decisions about staying secure online.

The digital game can be played on phone, tablet and desktop, and is supported by a suite of activities to be led by educational practitioners working with 7-11 year olds. Parents and carers can also try the CyberSprinter puzzles with their children at home!

Cyber Sprinters digital game link