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Homework can make an important contribution to children’s progress at school.  It also maintains a positive link between home and school and enables parents/carers to have a realistic idea about their child’s ability, whilst offering support and encouragement.


  • To extend the challenge open to pupils
  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, particularly in Literacy & Numeracy
  • To develop an effective partnership between home and school.
  • To encourage pupils to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own and prepare them for life-long learning.
  • To encourage parents to work with their children on homework projects 

Guiding Principles

Homework will be set regularly.

The type of homework and how much will vary according to the age and ability of the child.

At the early stages children should experience short activities – simple games, learning spellings or number facts and of course reading to and with an adult.

There will be high expectations of pupils in completing homework, within the expected time scale. 

Pupils should expect feedback on homework. 

Where possible Parents/ carers should:-

1.Provide a reasonably peaceful, suitable place for homework to be done

2.Make it clear that they value homework

3.Encourage and praise pupils when homework is completed 

Homework tasks

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading, both hearing your child read and reading to your child. Even fluent readers need to be read to regularly. Research has established that those children who receive parental support with reading invariably reach higher standards. Above all reading is for enjoyment, we want our children to become readers for life.


Reading (daily)




 Year 1


Number bonds (regularly)

Reading (Ruth Miskin ditty book daily)

Numbots online

Year 2

Reading (daily)


Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars




Years 3 – 6  

Reading - daily in order to complete quizzes on accelerate reader

Spellings - daily via Google Classroom

Times Table Rock Stars and CENTURY