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At Priory Primary School we have very high expectations of our pupils and their behaviour. We thoroughly believe that our principle of 'Believe in yourself' will support our children to develop the habits, attitude and mindset to create a successful journey through our school.

Good to be Green:

At Priory, we use the behaviour system of Good to be Green. Every child starts their day on a positive note with a green card displayed in their named pocket of the Class Chart. The card says- ‘It’s Good to be Green!’

If during the day, in lessons, or at break times, a child has to be warned of inappropriate behaviour, or has broken a school rule, then a Yellow Warning Cars will be displayed over the top of the Green card. The warning gives the child the opportunity to consider and review their behaviour that has occurred during that independent lesson and have an opportunity to turn things around. Each lesson during the school, the card is reset back to green to allow the pupil to make the righ choices about their behaviour and If a child is already on a yellow warning and they have to be told again of inappropriate behaviour, then there are consequences. 2 yellow cards in one week means that the children will miss 5 minutes of reward time at the end of the week. A red card means that the children will not be taking part in any of the reward activities and will be spending time with their phase leader to look at ways to improve their choices for the following week. If a series of red cards are given then a discussion will take place with Phase Leader and Senior Leadership team


Housepoints are rewarded throughout the school, the chidlren are all assigned a house and work both individually and in teams to add to the collective total across the school. We have a range of inter house competitions that take place across the year that your child will have an opportunity to take part in to represent their house, ending with sports day at the end of the academic year.  

On a Friday afternoon the children take part in praise assembly with their phase, where we share our success for the week, collect house points and celebrate our candidates for Head's movie night

Heads movie night is awarded to a pupil at the end of each week who has worked exceptionally hard, has gone above and beyond the expectations in the classroom or at social time and has supported other children in the school. The children will come home with an invitiation to come back to school on the last week of half term to share a movie and treats with the Senior Leadership team.

Please see latest policy in the Policies section of the website.